AdPact (i.e., Advertising Impact) is an innovative approach to assessing advertising effectiveness developed over the past twelve years by Lang Research. In contrast to other advertising effectiveness methodologies, AdPact is designed to assess "advertising impact". AdPact not only tells you whether the target audience recalled your advertising, but also whether they had an opportunity to see your advertising, understood it, linked it to your brand, believed it, and were emotively affected by it. Moreover, AdPact determines whether your advertising is significantly enhancing product brand equity and purchase consideration and preference.

What AdPact Contains
AdPact is an array of measurement and analytic strategies that provides feedback concerning:

AdPact also assesses the brand equity of a product relative to its competitive set, including:

AdPact Impact Tests
One of the unique features of AdPact is that it permits the impact of advertising on brand equity to be assessed through a technique known as Impact Testing. Statistical models are used to predict the attitudes and disposition of individuals had they not been exposed to the advertising. The statistical deviation from this predicted value among campaign recallers is used to indicate the extent to which the campaign impacted each aspect of brand equity.

AdPact Norms
AdPact has been employed to assess over 250 campaigns involving over 400 advertisements. Because of this, the results from AdPact can then be compared to the AdPact normative database providing a clear indication of a campaign's success relative to other campaigns.

AdPact can be used to assess television, radio, print, outdoor or direct mail campaigns, or any combinations of these. AdPact may be used to assess the relative impact of each component of a campaign relative to expenditure to provide guidance in the selection of media mix. 



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