Our research has repeatedly shown that ad awareness alone is not sufficient to assess the effectiveness of advertising initiatives. In fact, in many instances (such as repeated flights of the same campaign), ad awareness can be quite misleading concerning the degree to which a campaign is achieving its intended objectives. Moreover, we have learned that advertising campaigns with similar levels of awareness can have dramatically different impacts of the brand equity of the advertised product

At Lang Research, we believe that the most important measure of advertising effectiveness is the extent to which advertising impacts the brand equity of the product advertised and increases purchase consideration, purchase preference and trail/repeat purchases. AdPact, our proprietary ad tracking system, is designed to provide this vital feedback. In combination with campaign operational performance indices, we have helped advertisers determine why their campaign was effective, and more importantly (if necessary), why their campaign did not achieve its objectives, permitting corrective action to be taken for future campaigns.

AdPact is based on over 12 years of research and has been employed to assess over 250 campaigns.



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