A.I.M. (Advertising Impact Model )

What Is A.I.M.?
A.I.M is a technique designed to assess the operational performance and dynamics of television and radio commercials. The approach used reflects the fact that television and radio commercials present information serially and require the individual to construct story lines and themes and extract messages.

How A.I.M. Works
A.I.M. focuses particular attention on what information or elements are extracted when respondents view commercial material and how this information is integrated to form higher order constructs (e.g., messages). In commercial pre-tests, respondents are exposed to the commercials and asked to reconstruct the commercial script. They are then asked to interpret and evaluate their reconstructed scripts based on a series of standardized criteria.

What A.I.M. Provides
The result of this assessment is that advertisers learn how their commercial material is processed and synthesized. This type of assessment places considerable emphasis on commercial pacing and the stream of information provided. It also allows advertisers to identify the most salient features of their commercials that are driving the interpretation of the material.

A.I.M. also provides insight as to how the commercial material is operating at various levels. Thus it can identify execution issues as well as aspects of the story-line and themes and messages which may be hampering the effectiveness of a commercial.

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