Lang Research is a full-service marketing research firm with the expertise, tools and experience needed to address a wide array of research challenges:

Advertising Tracking: Our proprietary ad tracking system offers unique impact analyses and a normative database to evaluate advertising effectiveness.

Brand Imagery: Our innovative brand image assessment techniques provide the information needed to monitor brand health and help manage the brand.

Market Segmentation: We have a range of innovative market segmentation techniques that can help clients develop a strategic approach to the market.

Quality of Service: Our quality of service research program targets the key determinants of customer satisfaction to provide efficient and actionable results.

New Product Development: We have a range of research techniques to assist with the development of new products from concept to final product launch.

Program Evaluation: Our innovative evaluation protocols allow programs to be assessed from a management, operational and effectiveness perspective.

Advertising Testing: Our qualitative ad testing techniques assess the operational performance and emotive impact of advertising using an information processing model.

Website Assessment: Our multi-stage approach provides clients with a comprehensive assessment of their site' s content, usability and aesthetics.

Employee Surveys: We assess employee attitudes and needs in a holistic manner to produce comprehensive and action-oriented readings of an organization' s climate.



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