(Brand Image Research)

The Challenge of Measuring Brand Imagery
There are a variety of techniques available in the industry to measure the image of a product, service or organization. Many of these are based on tedious and repetitive measurement scales which consume considerable interview time and can erode interview rapport. Imager was designed to address the need to assess a large number of competitors across a large number of image attributes using the most efficient technique possible.

Imager is an assessment technique that provides information about a brand's competitive strengths and weaknesses relative to key competitors. Imager is also used to identify a brand's market positioning and to assess the relative importance of imagery factors in the selection of a brand. Imager may also be used to gauge competitor awareness levels, competitive vulnerability and provides useful input for segmentation exercises.

How Imager Works
Imager uses an Attribute Association measurement strategy. With Imager, customers are asked which of a series of attributes they tend to associate with the brands they are familiar with. Imager analyzes these imagery associations to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and market positioning.

Why Imager is Better
The Imager Attribution Association measurement strategy conserves interview time and preserves interview rapport. It only asks respondents to assess those brands that they are familiar with hence separating measures of brand imagery from brand awareness. As a result, Imager provides crisper image profiles than conventional rating scales. Imager is ideal for the development of brand building strategies.



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