David Lang -

David Lang is the President and CEO of Lang Research. David completed his undergraduate training at the University of Toronto and obtained a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from McMaster University in 1985. Following the completion of his Ph.D., David was employed by Bell Canada and Telecom Canada's Marketing Research Division. In 1986, David joined the Angus Reid Group (now known as Ipsos-Reid) and was the Executive Vice-President in charge of the Toronto Division. In March of 1990, David established Lang Research Inc. and embarked upon a systematic program to develop new and innovative approaches by which to address emergent marketing research challenges.

To date, David Lang has developed new research techniques in the following areas: qualitative advertising impact testing; advertising effectiveness tracking; new product development; strategic planning processes; image and brand equity analysis; segmentation techniques; quality of service measurement; and employee internal needs analysis.

David is a Professional Member of PMRS and has been awarded the Certificate of Marketing Research Professional (CMRP). He served as the Program Director of the Ottawa Chapter of PMRS (1984), the Moderator Representative of the Qualitative Research Division (QRD) from 1996 to 1999, as a reviewer for the industry's journal (Canadian Journal of Marketing Research CJMR) (2001-2002) and is a frequent contributor to the industry newsletter IMPRINTS.

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