Lang Research has conducted over 100 segmentation studies. We combine a broad range of statistical and conceptual models with practical knowledge about the marketplace to help our clients obtain deeper insights about their market, and develop a strategic plan to marshal their marketing resources in an optimal manner.

Segmentation solutions designed for our clients include lifecycle demographic models, needs-based segmentation, psychographic segmentations and purchase sequence segmentations. We have also pioneered a number of methods to construct segmentation solutions which make them more likely to be adopted by marketing and sales personnel. Care is given to the organizational design, conceptual orientation, segment labelling and explanatory segment sheets to clearly explain the segmentation system to all stakeholders, and assist personnel to assimilate the segmentation approach and adopt and integrate the system into day-to-day operations.

Our Approach to Segmentation

We use a systematic seven-step process to guide organizations through the segmentation process and to help them develop a segmentation scheme that best meets their needs:

  1. Designing the Segmentation Criteria: assessing the relative importance of factors such as segmentation simplicity, heuristic value, homogeneity, replicability and linkage to the marketplace
  2. Defining the Universe: who should be included in the segmentation solution
  3. Specifying the Core Segmentators: what factors should be used as core segmentators to drive the segmentation process
  4. Identifying Segment Profile Variables: how to provide a detailed description of each segment which reveals its inherent potential and purchase triggers
  5. Constructing Segmentation Solutions: the analytic and statistical processes which will be used to partition the market into discrete segments
  6. Strategic Prioritizing of the Segments: the development of a scoring process to identify the potential of each segment for marketing, advertising and sales initiatives
  7. Linking the Segments to the Market: developing the algorithms to allow each marketing unit in the universe (e.g., households, businesses, customers) to be assigned to a specific segment.



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