Ensuring that a company's customers are satisfied with the service received is a crucial aspect of client retention strategies. With Lang Research's Quasar system, companies have a comprehensive approach to assess customer satisfaction in a cost effective and actionable manner.

David Lang's extensive experience with customer satisfaction research began over 20 years ago with the redesign of the Bell Canada quality of service measurement system. Since this time, the Quasar system has been applied successfully to a number of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, retail services, hospitality and tourism and the automotive industry.

Quasar is based on a service episode model and provides key measures of satisfaction for all points of contact with a company and its products or services. Analysis is conducted with these service episode satisfaction measures to indicate the relative importance of each aspect of service as a determinant of overall customer satisfaction. This analysis allows companies to identify key areas which are common sources of customer dissatisfaction and permits corrective action to be prioritized in a way to achieve maximal return.



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