QUASAR (Quality Assurance Audit Research)

Quasar is a set of measurement and analytic techniques designed to allow companies to comprehensively assess customer satisfaction. Quasar dynamically allocates interview time according to the level of satisfaction manifested by a customer. Therefore, satisfied customers have brief interviews while dissatisfied customers have an opportunity to explain why. Quasar contains an extensive battery of common reasons for customer dissatisfaction that allows service delivery and product related problems to be fully diagnosed and rectified.

How Quasar Works
The Quasar measurement system begins by identifying points of contact between a company and its customers (e.g., inquiries, order placement, product delivery, maintenance, invoices). These contact points are known as Service Episodes. Separate survey modules are designed to assess each Service Episode with respect to three key areas of customer satisfaction: Accessibility, Process and Outcome.

These measures determine whether customers are satisfied with their access to a company�s services, information, products and support. These measures could include the extent to which customers are able to obtain information about products, place orders for products, obtain account balances, and so forth. Quasar Accessibility Measures also include objective time measures to allow your firm to clearly establish service delivery goals. Accessibility measures gauge the extent to which a company has adequate staff and facilities to address the needs of its customers in a timely fashion.
These measures determine how satisfied customers are with the way products or services are delivered. These include measures of the three cardinal H�s of customer service: Helpfulness, Hassle and Hustle. Process measures are designed for each operational unit within the company to permit actionable measures of service process.
These measures assess satisfaction with the final deliverables of a Service Episode. These range from measures of satisfaction with the information provided to an initial inquiry to satisfaction with the final product delivered. Quasar Outcome Measures are often among the most crucial determinants of overall customer satisfaction.

Prioritizing Sources of Customer Dissatisfaction
Quasar also permits a company to determine the relative importance of various aspects of service delivery as determinants of overall customer satisfaction. Using proprietary techniques, Quasar identifies what types of service delivery or product problems are most likely to result in the loss of a customer and which are only minor irritants. This helps determine which remedial activities are most urgently needed within a company.



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