Lang Research takes pride in its ability to develop new and innovative approaches to meet the emergent needs of our clients:

AdPact: Our proprietary advertising tracking system applies unique impact testing technologies to assess the effectiveness of television, radio, print and online advertising initiatives.

Imager: Imager uses an attribute association approach to provide a crisp image profile and the brand positioning of our client’s brand and their key competitors.

Quasar: Quasar evaluates customer satisfaction using a service episode model and hierarchical satisfaction measures to provide comprehensive and efficient measures of quality of service.

Anchored Segmentation: Anchored segmentations allow customer segmentation schemes to be developed that can be directly linked to the marketplace.

Qualitative Analytics: Qualitative Analytics reveal response patterns in qualitative research studies to identify need, value and attitudinal syndromes.

Performance Maps: Performance maps intuitively illustrate the strategic positioning of a brand relative to its competitors while preserving the essential characteristics and statistical power of perceptual maps.

Advertising Impact Model (AIM): AIM evaluates advertising effectiveness by determining how consumers process and react to the advertising material.



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